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"Country Funk the fairly appropriately named CD by the Boston area group Po Boyz is an interesting recording and one that evokes familiar sounds from the past. The group takes the standard jazz organ combo setting, with a good old vintage Hammond B3 organ, including the pedalboard to provide the bass, plus guitar and drums and turns it into a mixture of sounds the group members have obviously absorbed, from soul and funk, to New Orleans grooves to roots rock, with a touch of Latin even some country twang. It all comes out surprisingly well, with the mixture of styles not sounding forced at all. The vocals and lyrics take the organ combo in a whole other direction that works quite well, and yet maintains a kind of timeless sound that can appeal to at a couple of generations of music fans." - George Graham, WVIA-FM

"Boston's funkiest organ trio" - Ziggy Steiner - WERS 88.9 FM

"[PO BOYZ] drawn-out, eclectic, instrumental approach to their sound calls to mind the Godfather's of the jam band, The Grateful Dead. However, to pigeonhole Po Boyz, even in a genre as immensely broad as a jam band, would be a failure to appreciate the vastness of their genre-spanning sound. A smidgeon of Latin spice, a flood of country, a heaping helping of funk-Po Boyz incorporate virtually every danceable, rock-outable genre of music and embody what unadulterated rock n' roll ought to look and sound like." - WERS 88.9 FM

"..climbing organs that burst like marshmallows in a microwave." - WERS 88.9 FM

"...Wagley's guitar eases us into to an Allman-esque word painting of wayward traveling through a world where the black jack dealers always know who you are..." - WERS 88.9 FM

"...listening to the new nine track album, the Po Boyz' sound does have a food quality to it, a permeating crunchiness. It's not a knock at the self-production, but a visual acknowledgment of the spirit of their influences—the parade booms down the street, Hollis' spiraling Hammond organ calls for beads to be thrown from windows, which hit the hot asphalt and give way to Mannion's quick and compact drumming." - WERS 88.9 FM

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